Badge99 Biography: Age, Income, UID & Wiki

The topmost downloaded game of the Year 2020, Garena Free Fire changes the whole gaming world with new gaming flavours. After the PUBG Mobile, it’s another most playing Battle Royale Mobile Games in the world. Here we are talking about another famous YouTuber and Gamer from India, Badge 99. Here’s the Badge99 Biography, Free Fire UID, Net Worth and All about him.

Today we are with the Biography of Badge 99. With more than 9 Millions Subscribers, he becomes one of the most well-known Gaming YouTubers in India. Like other famous Gamers like AjjuBhai, and 2B Gamer the Name Badge99 is also well-known towards millions of audiences globally.

Badge99 Wiki: Overview

Real Name Bharat Singh

Profession Gamer, Streamer and Content Creator

Date of Birth N/A

Age 20 Year

Birth Nainital, Uttarakhand, India

Famous For Content Creator and Free Fire Player

Hobbies Reading Books, Streaming

Playing Games, Travelling

FF UID 317768081

Monthly Income 10 Lakh

Badge 99 YouTube Journey

Bharat Singh a famous Youtuber from India has gained over 9 million subscribers and has his own story. A free-fire content creator from India has been active in getting the well-known gaming platform.

He started to create and upload the Content on eh 19th January of 2019. Since 2019 he is been active in sharing the live stream on his YouTube channel. As of now, we can get more than 200+ Videos on his YouTube channel.

All the streaming videos are shared on his YouTube channel. Regarding the total views, his channel has got more than 120 Million views. Similarly, The second channel is also getting a good number of subscribers and viewers within a short period. Currently, he is running two Gaming YouTube channels. 

Via the YouTube channel Bhagat Singh (Badge 99) used to share the live-streaming battle with his subscribers mainly. Also, he used to play the royal battle with other famous content creators.

YouTube Channel: Badge99

Badge 99 Gaming Stats

Currently, the level of Badge 99 is 70. As of now, he had played more than 7468 Squad matches where we had won 1361 matches with a win rate of 18.23%. Similarly, he was able to maintain the 3.13 K/D ratio by killing a total of 19000+ enemies.

Besides this, he scored a good level in the match tournament. With the number of tournaments won he was able to get the love and following from millions of fans globally.

  • Won the 1361 Squad Matches out of 7463 with a win rate of18.23%.
  • Won 182 Matches in DUO Mode out of 1949 with a win rate of 9.33%.
  • Won 84 In Solo Matches over 1139 with a win rate of 7.37%.
  • Won the 17.78% rate in the Squad games of Season 18.

Badge 99 on Social Sites (Instagram and Facebook)

If you are a big fan of Badge 99 then you must have followed him on Social platforms too. Besides YouTube, he has his own Social Handle too. He is active on both Facebook and Instagram.

On Instagram, he has more than 498k fan followers. With around half a million fan base he used to get an excellent boost for his content. Through Instagram Badge 99 is used to share photos, and reels of Free Fire and Inspirational Reels.

While on Facebook he used to share live content from YouTube. If you are not favourable on YouTube then you can get his Live Streaming content directly from Facebook Watch too.

With more than 266K followers he had to get official verification from Facebook. We get his Facebook Profile directly from YouTube and our Biography page too.

Facebook: Badge 99 (266K)

Instagram: BADGE 99 (498K)

Badge 99 Gaming PC Information

The gaming star Bharat is using a powerful Gaming PC. As per the information he is using the Powerful System to play and stream the live games. Here’s the basic information about the Bade 99 Gaming PC.

Processor: Ryzen 7 3800x 3.9 GHz-Turbo 4.5,RTX 2080Ti

RAM: 32+16 GB RAM 

Badge 99 Free Fire ID

317768081 is the Free Fire ID of Badge 99. Using this particular Free Fire ID he used to play live gaming. As he is active in gaming he used to play the game with the given UID. You can find him via his UID on Free Fire.

Badge 99 Gross Income and worth

The free-fire gamer and streamer from Nainital, Uttarakhand is making a good income from this platform. Gaming and YouTube are active sources of Income for him.

He uploaded more than 200+ Videos from the 2 Channels. The primary channel Badge 99 has a big fan following and subscribers. An average his one video used to get views of 1 Million. 

Monthly his income ranges between 10 Lakh to 15 Lakh. Depending upon the content views he used to get a good income from YouTube videos. Additionally, he used to make extra money from Sponsored content and Live Tournaments.

Regarding the net worth of Badge 99 then it’s N/A as of now. We will update the information regarding his actual monthly income and net worth soon.

Badge 99 Personal Life, Girlfriend Status

The real name of Badge 99 is Bharat Singh. He’s from Nainital, Uttarakhand. He started his YouTube Journey officially in 2019. Regarding his childhood and Education, we have no relevant information. We will update this information soon.


Who is Badge 99?

Badge 99 is a gamer, live streamer and content creator from India.

What s the age of Badge 99?

Badge 99’s age is 22 years as of 2022. 

What is the real name of Badge 99?

The real name of Badge 99 is Bharat Singh. He’s from Nainital, Uttarakhand.

What is the FF UID of Badge 99?

The User ID of White444 is 317768081.

What is the Net Worth of Badge 99?

The net worth of Badge 99 is N/A.


Finally, we have completed the Biography of Badge 99, a well-known content creator in India. With billions of total views Badge, 99 made a massive fan following and income from His YouTube journey. 

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