4 Methods to Earn Free UC PUBG Mobile 

Willing to get a free PUBG Royal Pass? If yes then you are at the right destination. To save you time and money to get the UC we tried to make it easy to get for free. For this, we have prepared an article on How to Get a Free UC PUBG Mobile Royal Pass.

After reading this article you will be able to get the methods for free UC in bgmi zest2help. Similarly, to make it easy for you we have mentioned some apps that let you earn the Free UC for PUBG Mobile.

UC in PUBG Mobile

Unknown Cash is one of the currencies used in PUBG Mobile. With the BC (Battle Coin) this cash currency is used for getting the in-app purchase things. Using the UC you can get advanced features depending upon the UC coins.

Although the free or basic version of the PUBG Mobile account is okay to play It needs an addition to customizing the whole character on it. With the premium and paid-on features, you will be able to unlock several features. Also, you can buy out the premium items that include the Royal Pass, New Outfit, New Guns and Vehicles skins.

Free UC PUBG Mobile Hack

PUBG Mobile is one of the top royal battle games played in the world. As it has a well-known competitor, Free Fire this game has made enough good image in a few years. With 500M+ Active users globally this game has made several fans following worldwide.

The PUBG Mobile features an in-app purchase, which means Shop. So, to get the new costume for your character you must need to have the BC and UC. For this, you just need to have collateral or pay.

For this reason, many of us are not ready to the real money on it. As the UC (Unknown Cash) are used to purchase new items like Guns skins, Character, Royal Pass and other tools like Premium outfit.

With these all, we just need to pay via an International acceptable payment card. If not we need to take the help of a gift card site, that charges an additional extra amount for every purchase. 

Because of these reasons we are with the Free PUBG UC Tricks for you.

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3 Methods to Earn Free UC PUBG Mobile 

To earn the free PUBG UC you can find out the different apps and their methods. Among the various method, we have mentioned some of the topmost methods that help you to earn and give the Free UC for your PUBG Mobile.

IDLE Empire

Idle Empire is one of the well-known platforms to earn free PUBG UC today. It’s one of the survey-based app/web platforms that offer users like you to complete the task survey and get paid in return.

With this IDLE Empire, you can have unlimited potential to get the UC Redeem code. Here you just need to answer the paid surveys, play games or watch the ad videos there.

How to Use

  • Visit the site of IDLE Empire on your browser.
  • Tap on Sign up there.
  • From the signup form, you need to fill out the email address, for better you can get sign up directly using your Gmail, Facebook, or Discord account.
  • After registration, you have to go to the Dashboard.
  • From the dashboard select the task to complete.
  • Just keep on collecting the points from the task and get PUBG UC Redeem.

Google Opinions Rewards

Although Google Opinions Rewards is not available in many countries of the world, it’s one of the best and most legit apps that helps to get the free UC pubg mobile.

This app lets you get paid the dollar that can be withdrawn in the form of UC easily. Here you need to answer the surveys by taking your sensible time. 

How to Use

  • Download and Install the app on your phone.
  • Get logged in there with the connected Gmail Account on your Phone.
  • Skip all and get to the Dashboard of the app.
  • Now start taking part in the survey by answering the questions depending upon the mentioned needs.

Online Giveaways

Giveaways of promo codes and gifts’ are in trend for a few years in India too. That’s another best method that will help you to get a chance for free UC pubg mobile. Here you just need to go to YouTube and get updated with the Channel that’s offering free giveaways of the UC.

How to Participate

  • Open YouTube and search for the keyword, ‘free pubg UC giveaway.
  • Tap on the options/filter (Three dots) shown near the search,
  • From the filter select the custom date, for better selection the upload date to Last Week or Month in even. After that, the search results show the video uploaded within 7 days of your search.
  • Open the video which you like there and go through it.
  • Follow the terms of the Giveaway video launched by the Given YouTube channel.
  • Wait for the winner announcement for the Free UC PUBG Mobile Giveaway.


The app that pays for your effort and time is POOLPAY. POOLPAY Mobile app features 86k reviews, with more than 1 Millions downloads. Here too you need to take part in a survey to get free UC for battleground mobile India.

Like Google Opinions this app lets you take part in several surveys. Besides, we can also get additional options to play the games and take part in others for real money that can be exchanged in UC.


What PUBG UC is used for?

PUBG UC is one of the currencies used in PUBG Mobile. The use of UC is for getting out the premium features on the particular PUBG Account. After getting the UC coins you can unlock several in-app purchase features and add-ons like skins, crates, vehicles, and many more.


We have mentioned some apps and it’s methods that help you to get free UC pubg mobile for Royal Pass. Depending upon your skills and time on the survey you are paid for the UC.

Besides these, some apps will let you get paid for the survey and tasks. However, we have tried our best to include some best apps that will work on collecting the PUBG Mobile UC for Free.

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