How to make redeem code from google pay?

Hello friends ! Today we are Going to talk about” How to make redeem code from google pay?  Many people do not know what is this Redeem Code? And how to generate it?

In today’s article, we are going to give you complete information about Redeem Code. So stay with us and read this article till the end so that all your questions can be answered.

What is a redeem code?

What is Redeem Code: Friends! Google Play Store is an application store from where we can install any app. But there are some applications for which we may have to pay. Let us tell you that you can buy Games, Apps, Movies or any Books on Google Play Store . And you can make this payment with the help of net banking, credit card or debit card etc.

But there is an option to pay even better: Redeem Code . Because guys! Many young people play Paid Games from Google Play Store. And for this they need to make online payment. Now everyone has all the payment options available, it is not necessary. In such a situation, Redeem Code can prove to be a good option for you.

Friends ! Redeem Code is a code that we can create with the help of any UPI Payments App like Paytm , PhonePe or Google Pay etc. After creating this code, we can use it to purchase anything from Google Play Store.

Whenever we make Redeem Code of any amount . Withdrawal by going to Google Play Store . And all those money comes in the wallet of our Google Play Store. With this Wallet Money, we can buy any Paid Apps, Movies, Games or Books etc.

Now you must have come to know that after all this Redeem Code Kya Ha? Now we learn to create Redeem Code.

How to make redeem code from google pay?

How to Generate Redeem Code from google pay: Friends! Creating Redeem Code is very easy task. For this you need any one UPI Payment App. You can use any of the UPI Payments App like Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay etc.

If you do not have the facility of UPI Payments App. So it doesn’t matter! You can take the help of UPI Payments App from outside or any friend or any member of your family. Now tell you how you can create Redeem Code? For this you just follow some simple steps: How to make Redeem Code.

How to make redeem code from paytm

Step : 1.

How to make redeem code from paytm: Whichever UPI Payment App you are making Redeem Code from. Open it in your mobile.

Suppose you are making a redeem code from Paytm , then open it. Now click on “ All Services” as shown in the image below.

Step : 2.

Now select Recharge and Pay Bills in the Left Side Menu . You get the option of “Google Play Recharge ” on the right side . You have to click on this.

Step : 3.

Now a new page opens in front of you. In which you want to make Redeem Code of any amount, put that amount. After that complete the payment by clicking on “ Proceed” .

Once the payment is successful, a Redeem Code is generated for you. Which we can withdraw by going to Google Play Store.

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How to make Redeem Code from PhonePe

Step : 1.

How to make Redeem Code from PhonePe: If you are going to make redeem code from PhonePe then it is also very easy. For this, you have to open the PhonePe App in your smart phone and then you have to click on “See All” as shown in the image below.

Step : 2.

This will open all the options in front of you. Here you will get the option of Google Play by going down a little. On which you click.

Step : 3.

Here you want to make Redeem Code for the amount of rupees, enter the amount and click on “Pay” .

As soon as the payment is made, a code is generated in front of you. This is called Redeem Code . Now it has to be seen how to use this Redeem Code?

How to make redeem code from google pay?

Step: 1.

How to make redeem code from google pay?: if you want to make redeem code from google pay payment app. then you have to open google pay app in your smart phone and click on new payment option.

Step 2: Search for Play Store Recharge Code →Tap on Play Store icon
Step 3: Click on Get Started

Step 4: Enter e-mail id (in which you want to redeem) & account name (anything you want) → Link Account

Step 5: Click Pay → Enter amount & make payment

Step 6: Redeem Code will be sent to your GPay Registered email

In GPay sometimes Payments may take up to 3 working days to be reflected in your Play Store Recharge Code account.

How to Redeem Code Withdrawal on Google Play Store ?

How to use redeem code : After creating a redeem code, it is also very easy to use. You just have to keep some simple steps in mind. Which is like this:

Step : 1.

First of all, you open the Google Play Store. Now you click on your account in the Top Right Side Corner . Here you get to see many options. In this, you click on “ Payments & Subscriptions ”.

Step : 2.

Now you can click on “Redeem gift code” or if you want, you can click on “Payment Methods >> Redeem Code” .

Step : 3.

Now write the Redeem Code received from the UPI Payment App at the place mentioned in the image . And then click on Redeem below.

By doing this, the amount will be shown in the Wallet of your Google Play Store, as much as the amount you had created Redeem Code.

Congratulations guys! Now you can buy anything with your Wallet Money from Google Play Store. Now you can enjoy any favorite Paid Applications, Games, Books or Favorite Movies etc.

last word:

So you saw it! Redeem Code is such an amazing feature, so that you can easily buy any application from Google Play Store. Now you will not face any problem regarding payment on Google Play Store. This feature is so great that even a small child can buy games etc. from the Play store with its help.

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