How to get free Pubg Lite 1000 Bc Hack

Pubg Lite 1000 Bc Hack

PUBG Mobile Game features several battles kinds. To enhance your gaming experience you must need to have Battle Currency. With the BC you can exchange new skins, new guns and the Roayle Winner Pass. But for the BC costs, you just need to have the Valid and Internationally Supported Credit/Debit Card for this. To make it easy here we are with the PUBG Lite 1000 BC Hack.

Other professional battle games like Minecraft and Bomberman also include features to shop the different elements for the Gameplay. Including the PUBG Lite you can use the Shop to get unlock the new dress and guns.

Today we are going to show you the steps for PUBG Lite 1000 BC Hack. Using the different methods you can get an unlimited BC for free. 

What is BC in PUBG Lite

BC stands for Battle Coins. It’s the currency used in PUBG Mobile. Using the BC you can exchange new skins, guns and costumes. You can change and get new costumes, skins and other features in exchange for the BC here.

Purchasing these all need to have BC in your Account. So, for this, you either need to pay with a Debior/Credit card (Internationally accepted) or a third-party Pubg Lite Bc Purchase Website. But all this needs money from you.

We all know, PUBG is one of the battle-filed mobile gaming featuring players who get the custom tools to magnify their gaming experience. With this survival game, you can explore your free time and get the best upgrades.

PUBG Lite 1000 BC Hack 

BC are very important in PUBG. Without the BC PUBG Gaming can’t be as expected. For the best upgradation, you just need to spend the money and redeem it for your new skins, and new guns. 

As the Legit process takes money or enough time (for the survey gift) so you can’t waste your time on these all things. For this, we are ready to show the things that you need to know about the PUBG Lite 1000 BC Hack process.

With the 1000 BC Hack, you can able to shop stunning skins and other supplements easily. As the currency is so expensive PUBG Gaming may not be fun in absence of powerful guns and stunning skins. For all these the Unlimited BC Hack for PUBG Lite is the best option for you.

How to Get PUBG Lite 1000 BC Free

For the legal method purchasing it from the Payment Center is for you. But it’s one of the most expensive processes. Also, it accepts Internationally accepted cards only so it may be another problem for many countries. 

Similarly, getting the Free PUBG Lite 1000 BC as a gift is time-consuming. Many survey sites like Swagbucks offer the users to get the PUBG Lite BC after completing the survey, that’s annoying.

So, to get unlimited BC in PUBG Lite you can check out some good methods.

Use PUBG Lite Mod Apk

Installing the Mod Version of Any app unlocks several premium features. Here too the PUBG Lite Mod App is one of the best options to unlock the shop. 

Just install and get unlimited BC to customize yourself. Although it’s one of the best illegal methods it may not be effective too.

Use Online BC Generator

With the help of different online tools, you can get an Online BC for PUBG Lite. Yes, a site like offers users to get a free BC.

PUBG Lite Unlimited BC Generator

Tools like pubglitehack help to generate an unlimited BC for your PUBG Lite. Using such tools you can get an unlimited free BC to use at a time. 

  • Go to the BC Generator Web tool.
  • Select/ Choose the amount of BC (280 BC) in your case.
  • Enter the username and the device details.
  • Click/tap on the start.
  • Fill out the captcha process before submitting the request.
  • Wait for a few moments to generate the Choose amount of BC.
  • Apply it to your Account and Exchange it from the PUGB Mobile Lite Payment Center.
  • Now enjoy playing with the new outfits and add-ons.

That’s the easiest and most free method to get the PUBG Lite BC Legally. With this simple process, you can get the BC and redeem it in exchange for your favourite costumes, skins and guns.

How to Get PUBG Lite BC Legally

Here are some Methods to get the 280 BC for free to exchange it.

From Swagbucks. With the survey on Swagbucks, you are offered to get the PUBG Lite BC for free.

From Winzo Gold. It also offers free BC for your PUBG Mobile.

Playing the Mobile Tournament on PUBG Lite.

Collect the BC from the

Watch Ads from PUBG Mobile Lite App.

Using the PUBG Lite BC Generator

How to Purchase PUBG Lite BC?

To purchase the Pubg Lite 1000 Bc Hack you can either get it from the PUBG Lite BC Purchasing website or directly from the Google Play Store. When you open the Game on your phone then you can follow these processes.

  • Open the Game on your phone and tap on the BC icon.
  • Now choose the amount/ number of BC to purchase. Depending upon your country and currency the price per BC shown may be the difference. 
  • Now tap on purchase. It will redirect you to the Google Play Store. Here you can different options for payment.
  • Choose the Payment Options there (Debit/Credit/ Paypal or Local Country-based Payment (If)).
  • After a successful purchase, you can find the purchased BC in your BC Wallet.


How to Get Free Unlimited BC for PUBG Lite?

Using the BC Generator tool like pubglitehack you can generate unlimited Battle Coins to exchange the different costumes for you.

How to Access the Payment Center in PUBG Lite?

From the Combat Coin section, you can get access to the Payment centre to exchange your BC for the new design and skins.


After getting this PUBG Lite 1000 BC Hack you can get able to purchase new skins and guns including the Royal Winner Pass. Here we have mentioned the possible method to get the Unlimited BC for your PUBG Lite.

That’s all about the PUBG Lite Unlimited BC. The steps mentioned in getting the Unlimited BC work for you. We hope you will enjoy your PUBG Gaming with our tutorial regarding an Unlimited BC.

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