Pubg Lite Bc Purchase Website: How To Purchase PUBG Lite BC

PUBG Mobile Lite is now more powerful with inbuilt Unreal Engine 4. with its smaller and light size the lower-end devices perform well on it. Depending upon the system requirements the developers have optimized this game in the best way. Coming to the point, if you are willing to upgrade your gaming level then you must need to have the new skins, weapons and other features. For all of this, we are with the Pubg Lite BC purchase website and all about the BC.

The fast-paced gaming experience makes PUBG Lite the best like the Official PUBG Mobile App. Now the PUBG Mobile Lite is more powerful with its own smaller map made for 60 players. 

By providing an excellent and exhilarating combat experience this game has attracted millions of users worldwide. Here too, like the PUBG Mobile you need to have your BC to upgrade or to get the new in-app shop features.

About PUBG Lite BC (Battle Coin)

For getting these tools to play and make your gaming smooth you must need to have to go to the Shop. From here you can shop the different tools that are used to play.

The BC is the currency used in the PUBG Mobile network. Using these combat coins one can exchange the supplements. You can change and get new costumes, skins and other features in exchange for the BC here.

But for all of this, you just need to have BC. For this, the developers used to charge the amount to buy the BC. The buying process needs real money from you. 

List of PUBG Lite BC Purchase Websites

As I have mentioned that you need to pay real money for the battle coins. Although you can purchase the Battle Coins directly for the in-app connection to the Google Play store you may get obstacles with the payment method. 

For making it easy for you we have mentioned the best PUBG Lite BC Purchase Website. Check out these sites for the fastest & easiest way to buy game credits including the PUBG lite.





How to Purchase PUBG Lite BC from Codashop

For PUBG Mobile Unknown Cash

  • Visit the codashop store and find the PUBG from the listed games.
  • Select the amount of PUBG mobile UC there. You need to select the voucher amount from the given items.
  • After choosing the voucher you need to select the payment method there. Depending on your country you can find favourable payment options.
  • Now enter the working email address to get receive the PUBG Mobile UC Voucher there.
  • Review your order and check the box.
  • After all click/tap on the Buy Now option there.

After verifying your payment the site will receive your order. Afterwards, you will get the voucher at the mentioned email address immediately. So, now go to the PUBG Wallet and Redeem the UC voucher right there.

For PUBG Mobile Royale Pass

To upgrade your wallet to the Royale Pass then you must need to have a bigger size UC Voucher. Anyway, upgrading to the Royale Pass will still be easy, fast and safe for you with this site. Here’s how to buy a royale pass for PUBG Mobile.

  • Visit the Codashop store and find/select the 660 UC Voucher (Royal Elite) or 1800 UC for Elite Plus Royale Voucher.
  • After selecting the suggested UC Voucher to select the payment method there. Depending upon your nation’s proxy the codashop site is available for your country with supported payment wallets.
  • Provide an email address there.
  • After that, click/tap on Buy Now option there.
  • After successful purchasing, you will get the redemption code on your email address.
  • Copy the redeem code and visit the Midasbuy site.
  • Get logged in to the Midasbuy site with the PUBG Details.
  • Paste and redeem the code there.
  • Get to the PUBG Mobile Lite app and tap on Royale Pass>Upgrade Pass.
  • Finally, you are done with these all.

This is how you can upgrade to Royale Pass with the PUBG Mobile BC. You can follow the same process to upgrade the Royal Pass using the BC in your PUBG Lite app.

How to Purchase PUBG Lite BC from PUBG Lite App

An official app also features the users to purchase the BC. But as we have already mentioned the payment gateway is the biggest issue here. Anyway, you can check out the process to purchase the Battle coins from an official app.

If your country has not banned PUBG Mobile and doesn’t face the payment problem then it’s for you. As it’s an official method from an official app it’s 100% safe and secure to purchase. 

  • Open your PUBG Mobile Lite App/ game on your phone.
  • Tap on the BC Icon from the dashboard of your game’s screen.
  • From there you need to choose the options of BC. Depending upon your requirements and budget you can choose the BC Package.
  • Get ready for your Visa/ MasterCard (Internationally accepted).
  • Go to the payment modes, and enter the details of your Card (Debit/Credit) including the 16 Digits card number, CVV and Expiry date.
  • After entering all the card details there, tap on Next.

Finally, you have purchased the BC and are now ready to exchange for the new skins, guns and in-app tools. 

After successful purchasing the Battle Coins, you will be able to exchange the coins as per your needs. 


How can I Purchase the BC?

Depending upon your country you can find several websites that offers you to purchase the PUBG Lite BC at affordable rates.

What Payment Options does PUBG Mobile Lite Support?

If you are having a problem with the payment options then you can go for the local payment gateway to pay for your BC. A site like Codashop is available for the majority of the country through which you can purchase it using the supported wallet of the country.

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