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white444 biography
biography of white444

White444 is a well-known Free Fire Player and Content creator from Morocco. He’s one of the most loved Gaming YouTubers who’s being loved because of his excellent gaming skills. White444 used to upload and share the video content of his gaming on YouTube channel over Millions of subscribers globally. Here’s the White444 Biography including his Wiki.

We are going to inform you about a well-known gamer and video creator from Morocco. Who used to share his content on YouTube towards millions of subscribers globally. From the Biography of White444 we are going to mention his age, free fire UID, YouTube Journey, Net Worth, Monthly Income, and All about his personal life in detail.

White444 Wiki: Overview

Real NameN/A
ProfessionGamer, Streamer and Content Creator
Date of Birth1998
Age24 (As of 2022)
Famous ForContent Creator and Free Fire Player
HobbiesPlaying Games, Travelling
FF UID1133099286
Monthly Income7 Lakh

White444 YouTube Journey

A few years back the Mobile Gaming Industry has taken huge steps. Because of this, we all love mobile gaming. Free Fire is the best alternative to PUBG Mobile it’s famous as more than PUBG Mobile. As this Mobile Gaming needs lower memory configuration and lower system requirements this is most famous for all low to high-end device users.

As he was good at gaming he started to play the games in the initial days. Later on June 2019, he started to share his content via an audience from the YouTube channel. He started the YT Channel Titled White444.

Like other famous YouTube channels, his channel has also grabbed millions of subscribers globally. With more than 1.5 Millions subscribers, he had made 30M+ Views in YT Channel videos.

YouTube Channel: White444

White444’s Lifetime Stats

From the Biography of White444, we can find his lifetime stats of him. Till now he had played/participated in several gaming tournaments and won some of them. Here are the stats of White444.

  • Won 262 games out of 1652 in Squad Matches with a win rate of 15.85%.
  • Won the 52 Booyans out of 454 in Duo Games with a win rate of 11.45%.
  • Won 34 games out of 504 in Solo Matches with a win rate of 6.74%.

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White444’s Social Presence

We got his official social handle too. YouTube, another social platform also gains thousands of fan followers on his Account. White444 used to seem active on his Instagram.

An Instagram he used to share updates on gaming. He reveals the latest upcoming events via the account. Also, he used to share the reels of the games and stream including his life events there.

White444_yt is his official Instagram account. You can follow his Instagram too for the latest updates from him.

Rouk is also active on his social platform. He used to upload and shares the content on his different social platform. We can find him active on Instagram and YouTube as the main.

White444 PC Information

The Moroccon Free Fire Player and Content Creator use the powerful gaming PC. As per the information he had a powerful gaming PC with optimized hardware. Here’s the Gaming PC information of White444.

Processor: Ryzen 7 3800x 3.9 GHz-Turbo 4.5,RTX 2080Ti

RAM: 32GB RAM (3200MHz

White444 Free Fire ID

White444’s Free Fire UID is 1133099286. Using this particular Free Fire ID he used to play live gaming. As he is active in gaming he used to play the game with the given UID. You can find him via his UID on Free Fire.

White444 Income and Networth

Like other Free Fire Players and Content creators, an Income source of White444 is also from YouTube. He used to get passive income from the YT Channel. With more than 5 Million subscribers globally he used to make a good level of income.

Google AdSense pays a heavy amount for these Videos. Besides he also used to make money from Sponsored Content. The sponsored content is another source of Income for him.

Additionally, he used to make money with the live gaming battle. Via an Online tournament, he used to get an additional surplus in his income.

On average he used to make 5-6 lakh INR monthly. While his net worth is more than 80 Lakh INR.s


What is the FF UID of White444?

The User ID of White444 is 1133099286.

Who is White444?

White444 is a content creator and free-fire player from Morocco. He is in the gaming field for a few years. He used to share the Free Fire gaming videos via his YouTube channel.

What is the Real Name of White444?

The real name of White444 is N/A.


Here we have mentioned the biography of White444. He is one of the fastest-growing Content creators and free-fire players from Morocco. Here we have mentioned his net worth, age, and Free Fire stats including the YouTube channel in detail.

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